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HEAT PUMPS in Southern California are very common in businesses, but less so in homes.  Heat Pumps simply put, are Air Conditioners with a reversing valve and defrost controls which enable the system to reverse the flow of freon and produce heat indoors rather than cooling.  The warmer it is outside, the more heat a heat pump can produce.  Heat pumps are not as popular in colder climates because they don't produce enough heat.  When there are no other options, meaning no gas is available, heat pumps are used in cold climates with power hungry electric heat strips to assist the low heating capacities in colder weather.  Heat pumps are more popular in businesses because they are less expensive to install and commercial office space does not need as much heat for comfort, as do homes.  Heat pumps are rated for efficiency in what we call H.S.P.F. - heating seasonal performance factor,  the higher the rating, the less it will cost to operate. (heat pumps range from 7. - 11. HSPF).  Heat pumps do not last as long as, cooling only, air conditioners, because winter can be very hard on the system, heat pumps used in winter for heat and summer for cooling will not last as long.

  • AcPro / Maytag
  • Lennox / Luxaire / Armstong
  • Trane / American Standard
  • Carrier / Bryant / Payne
  • Goodman / Amana
  • Tempstar / Day & Night / Arco Aire
  • York / Coleman

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