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Gas Furnaces in your home can be installed in a furnace closet, the garage or the attic.  Most of the time commercial heaters are installed on the roof and are combined with the air conditioning system, we call these packaged gas/electric or packaged heat pump central systems.  Most people in homes have split air conditioning systems.  The heater is typically installed indoors. If you have a central cooling system,the furnace is connected to the indoor air conditioning coil.  The air conditioning condenser is always outside, most likely on the ground, but sometimes on the roof.  Gas Furnace efficiencies are measured by the A.F.U.E. ratings; a standard efficiency rating is 80% and a high efficiency rating is from 90% to 98% A.F.U.E. (annual fuel utilization efficiency).   To properly understand the money saved by a higher efficiency gas furnace, one must know what he or she pays, or is likley to pay in the near future, for the gas.  Natural gas is sold by the therm (100,000 BTU input per hour), propane is sold by the gallon (91,600 BTU input per hour). The A.F.U.E. rating of the furnace will determine the actual amount of heating output. An 80% rated furnace will give 80,000 BTU output of heat with one Therm of natural gas used per hour and propane would use a little more than a gallon to produce the same amount of heat.


Heat pumps are used typically when little heat is needed and there is no gas available.  Heat pumps are also air conditioners and they rely on the outdoor temperature to produce heat, so the colder it is, the less heat a heat pump can produce.  When it gets really cold, heat pumps require a source of back-up heat, electrical heat strips, these are very expensive to operate and should be controlled intellegently to minimize their use.


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