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For the person with alergies, various breathing problems and a sincere concern for the quality of their indoor air, an array of products are designed by various companies.  There are more efficient filters with a pleated face (accordian design), the one inch thick model can be purchased at most home improvement department stores.  Thicker pleated filters are available up to six inches thick, however, these filters can be very restrictive to air flow and they must be monitored and changed as needed, or they can cause harm to your system. Electronic air cleaners are efficient if properly maintained and they don't restrict air as much as other filters, but they can be expensive.  UV lights and electrostatic filters are also available, getting the right advise from your heating and air professional, is where we come in.  The bottomline is this, you can have a very clean air system that works and improves your health or you can have an expensive trap that is more trouble than it is worth.  Ask us about the benefits of having a thermostat to program and a variable volume furnace blower to assist you in this endeavor.

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