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Central Air Conditioning is used in homes and offices, residential and commercial, to provide comfort. It's a technical question, but air conditioning does not cool, it removes two components in the air which make people uncomfortable, heat and water.  We call heat that can be measured by a thermometer, "sensitive heat" and  heat that can only be measured by a wet bulb thermometor, we call that "latent heat" - both are factors in the comfort of your home or office.  Fortunately in San Diego, Orange and Riverside Counties, our climate is relatively dry, so our A/C systems do not need to be as powerful to effectively remove the heat making us uncomfortable.  Properly sized and installed air conditioning systems will work better, cost less money to operate and last longer.  


TriWest Heating & Air over the years has developed a relationship with ACPro they are one of the main wholesale suppliers that we work with, they do not sell to the public, only to C-20 contractors.  As a result of this relationship we get better pricing and services.  AcPro has an exclusive contract with an American Comany named Nordyne.  Go check out this American Company, look at the bottom of their home page and notice the many familiar brand names they manufacture.  Our main line of equipment is Maytag and AcPro, made by Nordyne for AcPro (our supplier).  We do have other suppliers and we are more than willing to bid on what ever brand you want, however, I would suggest that you look at the major brands in the right colunm, now days there is little competition and virtually all of the old brands have been bought by the largest companies.  Many times the same exact air conditioner is made with multiple brand names.  What we say here is "trust your contractor", we are looking out for you, it's the components of the system and the way it is installed that matters, not the brand as much anymore.  Our relationship with AcPro will guarantee your warranty and service after the job.

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