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As a native So. Californian, I entered into the heating and air business around 1981.  I worked many aspects of this business for other companies before I decided to start TriWest Heating & Air in 1997.  Over the years this heating, ventilation and air conditioning company (HVAC) was intentionally kept small in order to serve well our exclusive word of mouth clientel.  As our family has grown, we realize the need to step up our service and introduce ourselves to a new exclusive clientel that may have not had the privilage of hearing about our expertise from a friend or neighbor.  We intend to keep our services personalized, family oriented, on a first name bases, with a goal of honest communication at all times. 

Heating and air conditioning, or "HVAC", for short, is a very technical business, it requires knowledge, training and experience.  Most HVAC professionals would prefer their customers to see them as magical and infallible on every HVAC technical subject possible.  The dirty little secret is this - No one in this business knows everything regardless of what they claim, we openly admit that we don't know everything; but one thing we can promise you; if after over 30 years of experience we don't know the answer, we will find out the answer; we will be honest with you and do our very best to resovle whatever problem you might encouter.

And what about our pricing?  We admit that it is not our goal to be the cheapest, while our low overhead makes us very competitive, we many times desire to provide better services for our clientel.  We know in the long run, you will be happy with our services, whether our prices appear low, or in the few cases that they seem high.  Ulimately it is our desire to demonstate for all of our customers that TriWest Heating & Air is not in the business of getting rich, we are in the business to provide HVAC service, and nothing makes us happier than when our customers can be at ease, knowing us by our integrity, honesty and skill.


Robert J. Begnaud

Heating & Air Conditioning Service, Installation, & Repair

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